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Welcome to Group Class!

Upward Dog Training is a philosophy that you and your dog will always progress upward, using positive reinforcement training and breaking barriers in miscommunication. Our training method is affection based, meaning all our training is gentle and the whole family is encouraged to participate. Our group class is a 7 week program that covers basic/intermediate obedience such as sit, down, stand, stay and come. We also cover boundary control, walking on leash, behavior modification, and problem solving. The trainer works personally with each student on their own set of goals. Our goal is to teach you the skills to have a well behaved dog that is welcomed everywhere and enjoyed by all.  


On Site and Around Town

Group classes include training on-site at Paws, as well as lessons around town.  This approach helps to expose you and your pets to real-world situations, and provides you the solutions to common problems that can arise.


Listen to What Others Have to Say

The best recommendation is a satisfied customer.  Read some of our reviews below.

Customer Reviews

Katie T. Redlands, CA

  "When we went into training, my husband and I were on two different pages about training our rowdy puppy. Upward Dog's class helped with getting us on the same page and guided us into being a team. Brie's training was professional, highly effective and fun. Brie showed that she was caring and compassionate when it came to training techniques with the dogs. Our Saturday morning classes turned into a family by the end of the 7 week course. The training has helped us deal with our ever so smart boy who tries to outsmart us every day. We are so grateful for the training techniques she has taught us."   

Jim C. Redlands, CA

  "Thanks to you Upward Dogs and all your training, Moose is so much more well behaved! Best class ever!"  

Cheryl B. Redlands, CA

  "My Family and I are huge fans of Upward Dog Training. Brie is calm, kind, and makes training a fun and pleasant experience for both dog and owner. She is also great with kids. My son responded so well to the training methods and she really involved him in the training. We would highly recommend Upward Dog Training!"  

Linda H. Redlands, CA

  "Thank you Brie, for the guidance that you have given us handling our two golden doodles. With positive yet firm commands we are learning how to set boundaries and define who is in charge. I'm so thrilled that they now know sit, stay, enough, wait, and both their names (which sound alike) Next, walking! Can't wait!"