The Best of Everything Else

Cat Trees


Cat trees help indoor cats get the exercise they need, and also provide a great place to stretch and scratch.  Providing your friends with furniture of their own can go along way towards saving yours!

Training Supplies


From basic obedience, to specific training aids, we have a number of products to help you train your friends, as well as do some behavioral problem solving.  After all, a well behaved pet is a well loved pet.

Grooming Supplies


From brushes and combs, to shampoos and conditioners, we carry a wide variety of grooming supplies to help you keep your friends' looking and feeling their best.



From popular joint supplements, digestive aids and other nutraceuticals, to calming aids, we have a wide variety of supplements to help you get through many trying situations.

Collars and Leashes


Collars and leashes are one of the best ways to let you and your best friends express yourselves.  That's why we carry a variety of sizes, styles and fashions to suit most tastes.  

Litter and Accessories


Yes, providing the best of care includes picking up after our best friends.  Whether it's the litter box or doggie walk bags, we've got you covered.

Beds, Crates and Gates


Beds, crates and gates help us to give our friends a place that is all their own.  They also provide a safe way to transport our friends when the occasion arises.

Dishes and Feeders


What your friends' eat out of is just as important as what we feed them.  Come take a look at our selection.