Community Involvement

Redlands Dog Park


As founding members, the owners of Paws were happy to solicit their retail partners, using the goodwill and loyalty which their store had accrued to benefit our local community.   The resulting substantial donations helped facilitate the construction and subsequent maintenance of the Redlands Dog Park, located adjacent to the duck pond in beautiful Ford Park.  Their commitment to this community endeavor continues as Karyn remains on the R.U.F.F. Board of Directors.

Redlands Animal Shelter


Since their days on the Board of Directors for the Redlands Humane Society in the 1990's, the Lehmann's have always supported adoption as the first option for new pet ownership.  They have served as foster parents for numerous litters of kittens and their mothers for the Redlands Animal Shelter.  They have also donated thousands of pounds of dog and cat food to the Shelter, as well as to numerous local based charities.  To help parents of newly adopted pets from the shelter, Paws provides a discount on first purchases, as well as free food to start pets off with the best nutrition possible.

Yucaipa Animal Placement Society


In addition to being an annual sponsor at their largest fundraising event, Bets for Pets, Paws supports Y.A.P.S. throughout the year with donations of food and supplies.  One of their most dear family members, Tallulah the Pug, was adopted through Y.A.P.S., and the Lehmann's are eternally grateful.

Industry Community


The Lehmann's expertise and experience in the pet industry has been acknowledged by their peers in numerous ways.  They have been invited to participate in Retailer Advisory Boards for two manufacturers, and maintain Alpha Store status with multiple vendors.  By establishing and maintaining outstanding relationships with key players in the pet industry, Paws is able to pass on that additional knowledge, experience and information to our customers.