Paws is about more than just pet food

Dog Training Classes


Let's face it.  A well behaved dog gets more of the positive attention they crave, and makes our relationship with them much more satisfying.  To that end, we have partnered with Brieana Kersten, a local dog trainer with Upward Dog Training, to assist you in developing a more positive relationship with your dog that will last a lifetime.

Low Cost Shot Clinic


Part of animal stewardship is taking care of our best friends' health.  Every month, we have an outside veterinary service come to provide basic veterinary care as well as a low cost shot clinic.  Visit our FACEBOOK page for details on upcoming events, or give us a call.

Manufacturer Product Demonstrations


We partner with our manufacturers by offering product demos, in order to utilize their brand-specific expertise to give you additional information upon which to base your buying decisions.  This third-party knowledge is confirmation of our commitment to honesty, integrity, and to helping you select the Best Food for your Best Friends.